Wisk Shares a Blast from the Past!

Wisk is about to unveil a new product, and I'm so excited to try it!  There hasn't been much on the topic available, but there has been a sneak preview commercial on TV and online for the past week or so.  You can view it on YouTube and almost feel how exciting it will be!

This famous blue detergent has been around a long time.  How long?  Do you remember the old "ring around the collar" chant from this classic commercial?

While some of us weren't born yet when the classic commercial was made, stains haven't changed all that much.  (I'm still battling ring around the collar on my husband's white shirts!)

While the way we do laundry has changed quite a bit -- I use a front-loading HE washer that would have looked like something from space if witnessed in the 70's -- the need for something dependable that Moms can use to knock out tough stains hasn't.  Moms through the ages have dealt with blood, chocolate, and those pesky mustard and grass stains.  Don't you hate them?

We will be anxiously awaiting the new formula of Wisk, and in the meantime, we encourage you to check out that new commercial again (and stay tuned to this blog for exciting updates from Wisk!)  You can also check out Wisk news on their Facebook page.

Do you have an "old school" stain that is still giving you trouble?  Tell us about it!

*This post is sponsored by Wisk, and I am being compensated for participating in the Wisk Blogger Campaign.  Opinions, however, are my own.