Get out the Wiggles During your Game Time Party!

Football is in full swing!  In addition to all the grubbing my family loves to do during the game, we also like to take time during the halftime shows to play some fun games.  We keep our board game closet fully-stocked, and we especially enjoy the ones that get the kids active (and help the wiggles run out) so that they can sit and let the grownups watch the game again when it resumes!

(The boys taking a "time out" from football to enjoy the outdoors.)

Fun football themed activities you can do include:
  • Throw the football around (outside, of course.)
  • Design a football - Cut out footballs from brown construction paper and decorate with designs representing your favorite team (or princesses, if you're kids aren't into football.)
  • Take lot of silly photos for a football-themed digital scrapbook at the end of the season
  • Pick up as you go - I'm serious!  Have the kids help clear dirty dishes, pick up toys, and keep the TV room tidy during commercials and at half time.  Give them points for every item picked up, which can later be redeemed for "tidy trophies!"
We may not have the most killer parties at our house, but what can you say -- I'm a Mom of 5!  We do have lots of laughs and enjoy cheering our team on.

How do you keep things fresh and fun for your football-loving family?

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