Get Ready for Game Time!

I married a football lover.  Not exactly a national league lover.. but definitely a college fan!  We love to sit the kids down in the living room and show them HOW much we love the game, by getting them involved in watching the plays, eating snacks, and listening to my husband yell "TOUCHDOWN!"

It used to scare my oldest son that we would get so excited.  Now, he knows that football is a time to enjoy some great food -- it's one of the few times that I really make some good recipes!

Check out this yummy chicken taco soup that I threw together.  It's simply 2 diced chicken breasts, a yellow pepper, red onions, pinto beans, fresh garlic, a little taco seasoning, chicken broth, and Tabasco sauce.  The kids thought it was just right, and the grown ups added a bit more spice into their bowls with some fresh salsa and a little more Tabasco!

I even went the extra mile with some homemade tortilla strips.  To make them, just cut up 4-5 large burrito-sized flour tortillas with kitchen shears, then place in a single layer in a baking sheet at 350 degrees.  When they get lightly browned, take them out!  They need no extra seasoning, and go great crumbled up into the soup!

I usually buy all of my game time snacks in the week before the season starts, but the snacks never last more than a week or two.  We make sure that when it's football season, we always add some special snacks to the top of the staple list, just in case a friend pops over unannounced to watch the game.  (Chips, soda, pretzels, and sweets are a treat just for the football season!)

What does your family serve up during game time?  We want to know!  GO HUSKERS!!

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  1. Yum--the soup and chips look good!
    My family usually has homemade chili and peanut butter and honey sandwiches or we cheat and order pizza or a chicken wing platter from Zaxby's!

  2. I wish there was a place to "cheat" from around here. Sadly... no place to order carry out!

  3. I like the homemade tortilla strips - very creative


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