Review of Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo

I love sandwiches, but rarely make them at home because I'm usually missing the fixings that make them yummy to me.  Since it's garden season, however, I've had tomatoes, green peppers, and access to cheap fresh produce from the local markets and grocery store.  This means my favorite sandwich:  turkey pastrami, green pepper, red onion, tomato, lettuce, American cheese and mayo!
The Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo has been an exciting way to jazz up the sandwich.  It's full of flavor, so you only need to use a little bit to make your sandwich taste like something from a restaurant.  My favorite is the Garlic and Herb.  It's so rich, that you only want to use about half of what you'd use with regular mayo.  My son loves it so much that I caught him making a sandwich with JUST the mayo on bread.  (I made him add some meat and cheese.)

I also love the Chipotle flavor.  It's spicy, but not HOT and tastes wonderful on roast beef.  There are two other flavors, the Hot and Spicy (which I left for my husband to review) and the Horseradish-Dijon (sorry, I don't do horsey sauce.)  All in all, these are a wonderful way to give bold flavor to your ordinary sandwich, and the easy squeeze dispensers make them good for little kids to use.  (I sometimes let my kids make "whatever you want sandwiches."  The only rule is that they EAT whatever they make.  No exceptions.)

You can check out the recipes for using the flavorful mayos at the Kraft website!


  1. Oh wow, mayo is going so high tech these days. I just now started trying the olive oil mayo, and I really seem to like it. Not a fan of the Horsey sauce? Well I guess you either love it or hate it. I love Horseradish sauce, but don't do Dijon mustard. LOL

    Those sure look like some great combos though.

  2. Not a big fan of Dijon here, either. I'm a bit picky, I guess :) But I'll eat ANYTHING with garlic!


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