Review of Natural Vine's Licorice

I'm a HUGE licorice lover, especially when I'm watching TV.  It's always been the perfect low fat snack for when I feel in a "chewy" mood.  Ya know what I mean?

We recently sampled some Natural Vines black and red licorice from the American Licorice Company, and I was astounded at the freshness of this natural candy.  They boast an awesome list of perks:  They contain no artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, cholesterol or trans fat.  In addition, they are sweetened with molasses and pure cane sugar.  They are flavored with natural licorice extract, and contain only 17 calories per chewy piece.

These are not as sweet as some of the licorice brands you may be used to, but they have a wonderful flavor that make them very satisfying.  Their size is nice and chunky, so you can pour a few into your hand and chomp away. They are great for adults and kids -- my kids LOVED them.

Will they replace my current licorice brand?  To be honest, they aren't a replacement so much as an addition to my snack arsenal.  The experience of this licorice is so unique, they are in a league of their own!  And we love that.

Find out where to buy the candy at the locator on their website.   

*Samples were received for this review.  Opinions are my own.