We Flip for the Infantino Flip Carrier!

I"m a big advocate of baby carriers, so even though my little baby was born a bit small, I had an Infantino Flip Carrier anxiously waiting for him to be big enough to carry him in it (the product directions advise a baby be at least 8 pounds, and it took us almost 2 months for him to get that big!)  We tried the Flip Carrier in several situations:  on walks, when trying to get him to quit fussing while I picked up clutter from around the house, and when we visited relatives and he just needed a safe, quiet place to nuzzle against me during all the chaos.  But the one use that I can't stress enough is SHOPPING!  I hate lugging around my infant car seat (which is heavier than the actual baby), and when you place it in a cart, it takes up so much room!  The Flip Carrier from Infantino lets you carry baby while you shop, giving you both hands free for the cart, but not taking up any extra room.  It's too perfect!

I got so many looks while wearing the Flip Carrier.  People in my community just don't wear them, I guess.  The only thing I wish the carrier did have was a way for me to nurse while carrying him.  It just couldn't be done because of the positioning of the baby and the way the carrier is made.  Other than that, however, it was one of the most comfortable carriers I've used.  I'm in love with the lumbar support feature, and it's really easy to take on and off by yourself.  The added feature of the interchangeable front cloth is unique, but I didn't use it much.  As you can see from the quick photo that my daughter snapped with the iPhone, when my baby was facing outward, I just put on a bib and let that part hang over the carrier.

If you're interested in this carrier, I recommend you watch this video first.  It gives you an idea of how to properly use it so that you know if it's something you'd find useful.  (Always read the directions before using, however.)  You can purchase it at Toys R Us and Target!  Check the Infantino blog for more details!

Wanna Save?  Babies R Us will offer $10-off the EcoSash and Balance carriers from August 11-September 21st.

*I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.