We Tackle Tough Stains with the Help of our Wisk Scientist Assistants

We are ready to share some exciting news about how well the new Wisk® with Stain Spectrum™ Technology works!  We recently tried the solution on a stained fabric swatch to see what it did against tough protein stains.  Here is what we discovered:

As you can see, with just the Wisk and a bit of warm water, you can tackle the ugly stains caused by typical household accidents (grass stains, blood, food, etc.).  I can't wait to see how well this would work in my HE machine with warm or even hot water cycles!  (The smell, by the way, is awesome!)  My kids had a blast with this experiment, and we are ready to try Wisk in our daily laundry routine.

Stay tuned for more Wisk updates on our battle against clothing stains!  (And find out what Wisk is up to on their Facebook page.)

*This post is sponsored by Wisk, and I am being compensated for participating in the Wisk Blogger Campaign. Opinions, however, are my own.