What's a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Have you ever heard of Himalayan Salt Lamps?  It turns out, that even if you're not a huge yoga buff, they are pretty neat looking!  I'd love to have one in my bedroom or in the corner of my office.  They come in various sizes, natural shapes, and glowing colors. (They also remind me of some of the spas I've been to in nicer hotels!)

If you've purchased one, or have seen one used in a room design, what were your thoughts?  Do you think it would be a good addition to a home with lots of kids?

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  1. I have wanted one of this lamps for a long time. I have seen them in room settings and I think they are so gorgeous. They add such an ambiance to the room. When I see them in a nicely decorated room, I think relaxation, calmness and time to unwind.

    I hope one day my husband will break down and buy one for our bedroom, for our litte sitting nook.

  2. Reading nook! That's exactly what I thought it would be good for :)


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