Another Super Yummy Review Roundup!

Sometimes, we just get too many yummy goodies to review in a short amount of time.  Rather than put aside those that we don't have space for, we throw them together into a "mini roundup" to let you know how much we enjoyed them.  If it's on our list -- consider it a great product that your family will enjoy!


We've been drinking this stuff for years!  Whenever we go to an authentic Mexian eatery, we order a bottle of Jarritos for washing down our spicy meal.  We have always been partial to the orange flavor, but with our recent review opportunity, we had a chance to try so many more flavors!

We were having a birthday party for my son around the same time we tried the newer flavors.  This was such a treat for the kids, as usually, we have soda in 2-liter bottles and they drink them from glasses.  Having their own refreshing (and sweet) drink from their own bottle was fun for them, and we repurposed the bottles for fun craft projects when we were done!  (Your local recycling center will also take these -- and some pay a glass bottle bonus!)

Try out all the luscious flavors for a real sweet experience.  My favorite is Toronja (grapefruit)!

Why we love itWhen's the last time you drank your soda from a glass bottle?

Kraft Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese Dinner

Mmm...  Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food, and we were stoked to try some of the new flavors of Kraft's Homestyle Mac and Cheese Dinners!  These feed more people than the small box dinners, and the cheese is soooo creamy!  We really enjoyed all the flavors, but our fave was the Old World Italian with Parmesan & Romano Cheese Sauce.  If you like your mac and cheese to taste homemade, this is as close to the real thing as you can get (with less time.)  We loved the crumb topping, too!

Why we love itIt tastes like I put a lot of work into this!

*We received samples of all of these products (as well as many others).  These made the cut to be reported on.  All opinions are my own.