Olivia Makes Play Fun for Girls AND Boys

We received a shipment of Olivia toys this past month, and at first I was a bit concerned.  My boys aren't exactly sit-down-and-play with "figures" type kids.  They build.  They tear apart.  They build again.  And that's about all they do.

The playset we received from the Olivia line of toys, however, was unique, in that while it was a "house" with furniture and little accessories for kids to stage household play, it also flipped inside out to become a pirate ship!  That's where things got cool.

My kids are pirate freaks.  They love them.  They pretend to be them.  Now that Olivia could be made into a pirate.... things were really picking up with the Olivia play time.  While familiar with the Olivia books, my kids weren't die-hard fans or anything.  But they loved this play set.

My youngest (almost 4), would sit in the hallway and carefully stage the pirate ship for the perfect play experience.  (He works in the hallway because this is the one place in our house that is generally clean and uncluttered from other kids' toys.)  At night, it was difficult to get him to go to bed.  He just wanted to keep messing with that pirate ship!

We also received a lovely plush Olivia doll that will make our youngest son (a baby now) happy someday.  My older kids don't really look at plush these days.  It is a high-quality toy, and I love that it's not too big (it's only 8" tall!)  We received the cow version (shown below), but it also comes in three other styles: Artist, Opera Singer, and Outfits...  This toy is all about imagination!
For more information on these Olivia toys from Spin Master, see the spinmaster.com website!

**This post made possible by Spin Master, through Team Mom, who provided me with a sample to facilitate this review. Opinions stated are, solely, my own and not compensated or wavered in any other way.