Our Super Yummy Review Roundup

Sometimes, we just get too many yummy goodies to review in a short amount of time.  Rather than put aside those that we don't have space for, we throw them together into a "mini roundup" to let you know how much we enjoyed them.  If it's on our list -- consider it a great product that your family will enjoy!

Lean Cuisine Market Creations Entrees

I absolutely loved these dishes.  The sauces were indulgent and made me feel like I as eating something rich and calorie-laden (instead of your typical "I'm still hungry" diet dish.)  Even with a spin in the microwave, these tasted fresh, and the veggies were crispy.  My fave?  The Garlic Chicken.  The seasoning was right on, and anything with a perfectly-steamed asparagus has my vote.

Why we love it:  It doesn't taste like 270 calories.  Really.

Red Gold Canned Tomatoes
One of the reasons I adore living on a farm is that we have so much space to plant a garden.  Unfortunately, our garden was a flop this year... and we harvested almost no tomatoes!  We had the chance to try the almost-fresh goodness of Red Gold Canned Tomatoes, however, and they are a pretty good substitute for home grown (and way better than the bland, lifeless ones from the produce section of the grocer.)  We used a can of the petite diced ones in our homemade Chicken Parmesan.  Our kiddos ate it up!

Why we love it:  Fresh tomatoes.... in December?

Simply Heinz

How can less be more?  When it involves a product like Simply Heinz.  To be honest, this ketchup tasted just like the Heinz we've been using for years.  With a basic list of ingredients: tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, salt and spices -- you can know that you're giving your family just ketchup!  We aren't against HFCS, but it's great to be able to recommend a tasty condiment that is.

Why we love it: Tastes like Heinz... without the corn syrup!  

*We received samples of all of these products (as well as many others).  These made the cut to be reported on.  All opinions are my own.