Review of "Snow Day: A Novel" By Billy Coffey

I really don't have much time to read these days.  Between the trade reading I do (personal finance magazines), reading for the kids schoolwork (Little House on the Prairie, etc), and the headlines of the online papers, I'm pretty much zapped for additional reading time.  That means that when I do read a book, it can take me a month or more to finish!

The last book I read was a charming read by Billy Coffey entitled Snow Day: A Novel.  Perfect for getting into the holiday spirit, this book follows a simple father as he faces being laid off from his factory job and tries to see the joys in life -- despite his own hardships.  This is a good "pick up and put down" book.  You can have it next to your bed for evening reads, in the car for when you're waiting to pick up kids, or in the diaper bag for when you're just hanging out anywhere!  Each chapter leads the main character through the story --- slowly -- while teaching a mini-lesson.  All of the insights in this book are presented sweetly, in a way that all parents can relate to (not just fathers) and they bring all good things back to He who created them -- God!

I really like the perspective in this book. It is encouraging, while at the same time exposing the fears that all parents have about who they are and how they can keep their families together.  If you want a non-preachy, but inspiring Christian point of view in your next read, I suggest this book!

You can read more about Mr. Coffey and his book at the official website.  Available from book sellers and now!  (Also on Kindle)

*Advanced copy was received to review. Opinions are mine.