Review of Dinosaur Train All Aboard! Game

My kids already adore the Dinosaur Train TV show... it IS about dinos, after all.  When it comes to games that the youngest kids can play, however, we often run into difficulty.  We reviewed the Dinosaur Train All Aboard! Game this week, and it was the perfect game for the older kids to teach to the younger ones.

My 12-year-old led the play, and my 3-year-old really got into it!  He picked out his playing piece, spun the wheel to see how many places to move, and even got into the fun of counting!  The game is designed for ages 4 and up, but it's most relevant for kids 3.5 - 7 or so.  It won't keep the oldest kids entertained for very long, but it is a good way for them to teach and interact with younger siblings.

This will be a nice game to have on hand for family game night.  It doesn't have tons of pieces, and plays a lot like Candy Land (without all the cards).  Counting, teamwork, and taking turns are the main lessons to be learned with the All Aboard! game.

This affordably-priced game ($14) is available at Amazon, and you can read more about Dinosaur Train at the official website.

*A Game was received for review.  Opinions are always our own.