Review of Just Dance Kids for the Wii

We are really having fun with our Wii lately!  Not only is it helping us stay active when the weather is uncooperative, but I'm actually losing some weight and getting in better shape than before.  No, I'm not spending a fortune on the exercise-specific games (although those are great, too.)  I'm actually using my kids games to stay in shape, and one of my favorites to use is... Just Dance Kids!

The game is a bit misleading.  It features kids singing songs that are popular right now (like one sung by Selena Gomez), as well as popular preschool songs like "The Ants Go Marching."  While this may seem cheesey, the kids on the screen really get down with the songs, and the actions are fun to do!  As someone who took over 12 years of professional dance lessons (and even taught), I found the moves to be exciting, fresh, and well-choreographed for something designed for kids to enjoy.  I have been using this game nightly to get in a brief 15 minute workout before bed.

Oh yeah... and my kids like it, too....

My younger kids enjoy it best.  (The 12-year-old isn't as interested, but will play to beat the high score.)  I find that my 7-year-old son is the biggest fan of Just Dance Kids.  He enjoys the mode where you can play with a friend and work together to get the high score!

I appreciate all the work that went into developing this game, from the life-like on-screen dance "leaders", to the songs (gotta have my "Yo Gabba Gabba"), and the wide range of ages that can enjoy it.  It's the first game that has ever made me feel cool doing the Chicken Dance.

Just Dance Kids can be purchased from Amazon or other game retailers just in time for the holidays!

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