Soma Intimates Offers Snuggly Jammies for the Holiday Season

What do you wear to bed?  If you're like me... probably whatever you had clean, and on some really horrible days, maybe you just crawl into bed fully-clothed?

It's probably time to have some "big-girl" pajamas!  I have always avoided them, because they are sometimes uncomfortable, difficult to nurse in, and can be spendy!  When I had the chance to try a pair of Soma Intimates Pj's, however, I felt like a princess!  Not only did the pieces match (I'm pathetic, aren't I?), but they were so snuggly and easy to nurse my son in.

(Yes, this is a model from the Soma website. I only wish I could look this fresh in the morning.)
If you know of a gal in your life who still needs a holiday gift and could benefit from a classy set of jammers, you might want to consider the Soma Intimates Personality P.J's line.  Just answer a few simple questions about the personality of the giftee, and you'll be presented with some fitting options that will suit their style just right!  Available in soft jersey cotton or satin, they are comfy for nighttime, or for anytime you want to lounge around in style.

I ended up being a "classic" style.  What style would you be?  Find out at the Soma website!  (They have some great holiday deals going on right now.)

*I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Soma Intimates and received a pair of Personality PJs to thank me for taking the time to participate.