Update on our SofLens Daily Trial!

We were excited to give our 12-year-old daughter a chance to try contact lenses.  She started out with the SofLens Daily Disposables at the beginning of her volleyball season, and had wonderful results.

So how are things going now?  Perfectly!  I rarely have to check up on her to see that she's using proper techniques for caring for her contact lenses (because she throws them away every night.)  Once in a while, she'll lose one, but it's not a big deal, because she has a backup pair of eye glasses.

Her confidence has soared since wearing them, and it's been really good for her skin, too!  (Sweating with the glasses was a problem before.)  I can confidently say that these lenses are a great choice for younger teens who want to give contacts a try, but who may have parents who are nervous about the care involved with keeping them clean and safe.

You can keep up with the folks at Bausch + Lomb at their Facebook page!  

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