Walmart has the Hot Toys for our Holiday List!

Wowee!  We have a lot of kids to shop for!  Thankfully, we have been strategically looking for the hottest toys at the best prices for over a month.  Here are some of our picks for the best of the season, that we happened to purchase for our own kids:

VTech V. Reader - With the appeal of an adult ereader, but with fun games, songs, and a "toy" appearance, this was the "must have" item on my 5-year-old's list.  It's suitable for ages 3-7, so I purchased it for all 3 of my older boys to use.  It comes with a game, but I also purchased the new Toy Story 3 game to go with it. (It was discounted as a bundle deal on when I bought it.)  I hope that this will encourage the boys to get past their resistance to learning phonics and actually reading a bit more for understanding.  We can incorporate it into our homeschool methods, but it will feel like play time!    (The V. Reader bundle with one game is priced at $59 online at

LEGO's - We are LEGO addicts here at the Knerl house!  The boys are always playing with them, losing them, and then needing more.  I have a big bucket, but thought it would be nice for each boy to have their own tub that they could play with and store responsibly.  This LEGO Bricks & More- Ultimate Building Set was on sale for $15 during Black Friday (we bought 3), but even if you didn't get in on this low price, they are still a good buy at $29.97!

Crayon Maker - This was something that I've seen so many times on the commercials, but I can actually see a use for.  We are constantly picking up the broken crayons off the floor (before my dog can eat them), and we have a big bucket of stubby little pieces.  This toy will help us recycle in a fun way, and my son -- the artist -- has already seen this in our local Walmart and asked for it.  You can pick a Crayola Crayon Maker up online or in store for around $15.

Here is the big batch of hot toys we got this season from Walmart.  We also got long-sleeved character tees for each of them, and stocking stuffers (more on that, later.)  The kids will be thrilled!

What "hot toys" are your kids begging for this year?

*A gift card was provided for purchases and compensation has been provided by Walmart for my time and effort to participate. Opinions are 100% my own.