What's the Best Way To Make Money?

Everyone is concerned about money these days, and with the holidays coming up, it may be the ONLY thing you're thinking about.  I've had my share of odd jobs in the past that have helped me get together a little extra cash for the season, including mystery shopping, taking surveys, and selling things online.

Did you know that there is a way you can make a little extra cash by just going all the places you normally go -- then checking in with your smartphone (it works on iPhone, Android, and soon Blackberry phones.)  The WeReward app is like a fun scavenger hunt:  You take pictures at different locations, upload them, and get paid!  While you won't get rich with this quirky application, it is a fun way to make those shopping outings pay.

For every picture you upload, you'll get points that can be redeemed for cash from the company who makes the product or offers the service.  (An example would be an upload of a smoothie you order that nets you 37 points.)  Right now, the points equal about one point per penny, but if you think of it like getting coupon for cents off your purchase, it's not a bad deal!  And some tasks are worth up to 500 points -- that's 5 bucks!

Shoppers and those getting out and about this year may find the WeReward app a fun way to grow their piggy banks.  Would you try this pay per app download?  If so, what would you use your savings for?


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