Wisk Saves the Day (Again)

Can you believe it's been months since we first told you about the new Wisk Stain Spectrum Technology?  I have purchased several bottles of this powerful stuff, and I'm psyched about it's stain-fighting abilities.  It's literally handled everything we could throw at it, including this latest attempt to remove lip gloss from a new hand towel.

Here is the lipstick stain from blotting my pink lip gloss:

Now, I've pre-treated it with the Wisk High Efficiency formula with Stain Spectrum Technology, and rubbed it together for 15 seconds:

After less than a minute under warm water, it's gone!  Notice that the towel (which I've never used before) is actually a bit brighter and whiter in the place where the detergent was applied?

If you haven't tried this yet, I suggest you check it out.  With 5 formulas available, there's one that matches your laundry lifestyle:  Wisk Deep Clean, Wisk Coldwater Power, Wisk Colorsafe Bleach, Wisk High Efficiency, and Wisk Fresh Boost

Learn more about the new formula on their Facebook page!

*This post is sponsored by Wisk, and I am being compensated for participating in the Wisk Blogger Campaign. Opinions, however, are my own.