Five Fabulous Bloggers

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I know so many bloggers in so many niches.  While I really believe that content is the key to having a successful blog, I've grown to appreciate the kindness and community that take these top five bloggers to the next level.  Who are they?
What? I only get to pick 5? (Photo by Neeta Lind)

Myscha Theriault - What can I say about Myscha?  She has been a fellow Wise Bread blogger with me for a few years now, and we've shared more than our share of ups and downs together, both personally and professionally.  Whether it's a mid-week phone call to cry over lost clients, or the giant boxes of baby items that she shipped to me from Florida for my last bundle of joy, Myscha is always there.  Always.  You can read all her great stuff at The Lesson Machine and We Be Sharin.

Lynnae McCoy - I first met Lynnae as part of the Walmart Moms group.  She is a frugal blogger, as well, and someone I feel comfortable sharing my faith and love of politics with.  We have been roomies at several events, and I know that I'll always have someone to ditch the blog conference party with so that we can kick back with some hot tea and late night news at the hotel.  Yeah, we're predictable, but that's how we roll.  Read more of Lynnae's hobbies and passions at BeingFrugal and FreelanceHomeschoolMom.

Jennae Petersen - Another Walmart Mom, Jennae and I have a special story.  We were assigned roomies back at one of my first blog conferences... only Jennae spent the whole trip sick with the flu.  I remember feeling so bad for her, but I really got to know her this way.  She is such a caring, compassionate person, and it shows in her blog posts - which are a brilliant mix of design and a love for our natural world.  A great mom, super friend, and one of the most gifted designers I know, Jennae's work is featured at her blog Green Your Decor and at her professional design site: Hibiscus Creative (look her up if you need a blog design!)

Jodi Grundig - I met Jodi at Mom 2.0 (the first year), after being on her newsletter list for many months.  At the time, she was one of the only product review/feature bloggers that I knew -- besides myself, of course.  Jodi is such a warm and lively person, full of great positive energy.  We had a great time dancing with everyone at the Chris Mann concert, wearing BK bags on our heads, and forgetting all about the world for awhile.  Since then, Jodi has become quite a success, but she is still the most down-to-earth, supportive gal I know.  You can find her at her website, where she lists all her amazing projects.

You - Yeah... yeah.. I know that this is kind of a cop-out, but there so many out there that I love and appreciate, but don't have room to include.  I get so many emails, facebook messages, and phone calls about how to start out blogging, and (truth be told), I think that anyone who has the guts to start a blog and keep at it deserves to be on my Fabulous Bloggers list.  The fact is, you really can make money blogging, and even if you aren't in it for the cash, it is incredibly therapeutic and can bring your writing skills to a professional level in just a few short years.  I have seen so many books published and lives changed through blogging -- all because someone dared to write that first word.  If you blog, you ARE Fabulous!

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