A Fresh Start is Becoming Easier

I told you last week about my attempt at getting a fresh start with my health.  I'm here to report that things are going very well!

I'm sleeping more than I thought I would.  This is due, in part, to my son hitting the 7-month mark and sleeping a full 6 hours at night!  While he's not napping much, it means he sleeps longer at night, and I have been able to get 7-8 hours of sleep with only one interruption for nursing.

My oral health routine is also coming together.  I've gotten over the dread of having to floss daily, and remember to use my calcium paste is almost second-nature.  My teeth are even starting to appear whiter!  I am also pleased to report that I have less sensitivity (I can eat cold foods without discomfort now.)

Drinking water has been a bit of a battle.  I can't give up my coffee, but I am replacing one or two cups a day with decaf hot tea.  I also have been enjoying Crystal Light Pure Fitness as an alternative to bland water.  With no artificial sweeteners, I feel good about drinking it, and it really keeps me hydrated.

Now for the fun stuff:  food and exercise.  I have been doing GREAT with my snacks.  No candy, no cookies, just a daily Special K Chocolatey Drizzle Cereal Bar in the afternoon and a Yoplait Original Yogurt at night.  I feel like I'm in control of my snacks, and I've still been able to bake cookies for the family and not eat any myself. (Well, maybe one.)

Meals have been made much easier thanks to the Tyson Grilled Ready Chicken Breast Strips that I purchased.  They are the best tasting of all the pre-cooked chickens I've tried.  They stay frozen until you need them, but they've been great to add to the top of salads (which I eat all the time.)  I can't believe how many strips you get in a serving.  Some days, I'm stuffed from my salad and come in under my calorie goals.  Other ways to enjoy them include in a whole-wheat tortilla, mixed into mac and cheese, and in the pasta with pea salad I made this week.

While I'm not counting calories, I do track what I eat.  Using the tools and tips online at Walmart's Health site, I've even made some progress in my eating habits.  (One of the recommendations was to eat sandwiches with just one piece of bread, instead of two. I've been doing this, and it's helped give me more calories to eat better foods that I really should be eating.)

Bottom Line: My New Year Fresh Start is going great!  I've been keeping moving, eating sensibly, and getting sleep.  While I really need to work on having more water, I'm learning ways to sneak it in -- and that's great!  Since my goal doesn't involve pounds, I'm not really looking to lose weight, but I've lost one in a week.

How are you doing on your own Fresh Start?

*Compensation has been provided by Walmart for my time and effort to participate. Opinions are 100% my own.