Fresh Start: Our Top Products for Taking the Weight Off

It's been a fun few weeks around here, as we work towards our Fresh Start goals with the help of Walmart and select partners.  Last week, a big box of Walmart orders came to my door, and my new home gym was ready to be created!  Since we don't have much for space in this small house, we are working to redo our garage as a workout room.  In the meantime, we've managed to put most everything in the living room to use throughout the day.  Here are our favorite products so far:

Xbox 360 with Kinect

Wow!  I'm blown away by how fun this is!  We have only played the game that came with the system so far, but I can feel some muscles being used, and I'm addicted to the various activities that make you jump, duck, and dive for points.  The best part of this gaming system is that the kids and I have enjoyed playing together.  The only negative I can see to the Kinect is that it takes quite a bit of room to play it well.  (Our living room is rather spacious, but for two people to play correctly, you need an almost 10 x 10 area, which involves moving furniture.)  I'm excited to start getting more active with the Your Shape game in the next week.  (I'll update you as we go.)  I won't be connecting it to the internet at this point because our  home network is already rather taxed, and I don't need the kids accidentally uploading or sharing photos and scores. Maybe when they are older.... ($299 for the game bundle and accessories at Walmart)

Gold's Gym Circuit Trainer Mini Trampoline

If your knees bug you, you'll love this mini trampoline.  I got quite sweaty and exhausted by just doing half of the DVD workout that comes with the equipment, and I encourage my daughter to lightly bounce on it while watching TV to help get some exercise into our day.  All in all, this takes up very little room, and it is very well-constructed (can hold up to 250 pounds.)  Negatives include:  Difficult to initially set up -- takes two very STRONG people to fold it open -- and the bounce counter does not work well.  Positives:  It's addictive and one really effective way to strengthen your core, even if you have joint or back issues. ($35 at Walmart)

Shake Weight

Don't let the commercial fool you.  Using the Shake Weight is HARD work!  It's not battery powered and takes a lot of muscle to move it like you see in the ads.  Also, you need just the right form to get it to go.  However, once you master it (which takes about a day or two), you can feel it working right away!  Change up your exercises to target different muscles, or use the included DVD for guidance.  It's the best 6 minutes you can give your arm muscles! ($20 for the Women's weight and $20 for the Men's at Walmart)

So far, we've lost 4.5 pounds since Thanksgiving!  We're taking it slow, because I'm nursing.  It's not healthy to lose more than a half a pound or so while feeding my son.  I'm excited to see how well I can do before this spring!  Check back later in the week, and we'll tell you about 4 more products that we tried as part of our Fresh Start program.

*Compensation and product has been provided by Walmart for my time and effort to participate. Opinions are 100% my own.