Have You Checked Out the Motherboard?

There are literally hundreds of places for moms to get together online and chat about things that are important to them every day.  One of the newest (and in my opinion, promising) places to hang out and get to know other moms is The Motherboard!

I'm featured as the "Motherboard Mom of the Week" today, giving some insights into free things families can do for fun!  We love board games, and still firmly believe them to be one of the best ways to develop relationships with the kiddos and not spend a dime!  If you don't have a fully-stocked game cabinet, start picking up a game or two over the next few months.  You can even buy them on clearance, from a yard or library sale, or pick them up at a used shop.

Check out The Motherboard for easy organizing tips, discussions with other moms, or to post a question you have about anything Mom-related.  You can also find other Walmart Moms Erika Lehmann and Tara Kuczykowski in their content.

Go Moms!