I'm Ready for a Fresh Start!

Forget New Year's Resolutions (they're so 2010)... I'm ready for a fresh start and it doesn't involve a number of pounds, promises I can't keep, or expectations I can't endure.  I've decided to focus my energy on getting healthy in 2011 with 4 important lifestyle changes that I know I can stick with:

Project #1: Dental Health

This Mom of 5 has some worn-out teeth! My last dentist appointment didn't go well, and in addition to giving me the "you need to floss better" speech, my dentist also recommended a calcium paste that I use nightly to help strengthen my teeth.  As part of the Fresh Start promise I've made to myself, I vow to brush 2x daily, floss daily, and use this paste.  I even invested in an electric toothbrush (they've always scared me in the past.)  I will be ramping up my dental visits, as well.  In stead of seeing my dentist every 6 months for cleanings, I'm going to go in every 4 to help control tartar and keep my gums healthy.  I can do this!

Project #2:  Clean Out the Fridge

My fridge is a mess!  Everything in there is edible and fresh.. but not all of it is great for me and my family.  While I'll continue to buy snacks as an afternoon treat, and won't focus too much on my caloric intake (I'm still nursing my infant son), I will be more careful to take in more calcium, Vitamin D, and fiber daily.  I've identified a few ways to make sure that this gets done, one of them is in making sure that at least some of my snacks and evening TV eats fit into this category.  One way that seems to work is to eats lots of yogurt!  I love the Yoplait Original varieties, especially the Cherry Pomegranate and  Key Lime Pie.  Since I don't like artificial sweeteners, this yogurt makes getting more calcium seem like a treat, not a chore.  (And getting more calcium is helping me with Project #1, as well!)

For more information on Vitamin D, Calcium, and other essentials, see Walmart's Healthy Person's Guide to Vitamins and Minerals.

Project #3:  Sleep!

I know.. I'm a new mom (again), and sleep isn't something I can guarantee for awhile.  I can do a better job of going to bed when I can, however.  I spend way too much time at night, after the kids are in bed, on the internet, watching TV, and chatting with my husband.  I can probably cut that down to 2 hours a night and get to bed well before midnight. I would be healthier, and I think it will help me to be less stressed-out!

Project #4: Water, Anyone?

This one is simple. Drink more water. And yet, I can't get myself away from the coffee.  I know that if I would drink more, I would feel less wonky, and could possibly sleep better at night.  This one will be the hardest of my "fresh starts" to incorporate.

I'm not going to track my progress as a number this year.  I'm going to make good decisions, and hopefully,  see my overall health improve.  If this gets reflected on the scale -- AWESOME!  What "Fresh Starts" do you want to see yourself make this year?  You can find a variety of tools to help you get healthy in 2011 at Walmart's health site.  Track your foods, calculate a healthy BMI, or get exercise tips -- all for free!

*Compensation has been provided by Walmart for my time and effort to participate. Opinions are 100% my own.