2011 Valentine's Gift Guide for the GrownUps

We've already shared our top picks for making the kids' holiday a bit sweeter, but what about the adults?  Here are our favorite gift ideas for showing someone how much you care.

Amano Artisan Chocolate

Don't dabble in chocolates that are anything less than perfect.  Amano's amazing chocolates have a deep, rich, and authentic spirit that remind you just how decadent the chocolate experience is supposed to be.  Whether you nibble from the Cuyagua 70% Dark Chocolate bar or choose a delightful (and beautiful) truffle from their new line of exquisite treats, you'll feel like royalty.  These are especially wonderful with a cup of fresh-brewed coffee (when the kids are in bed, of course.) Be warned: the truffles are almost too pretty to eat... you'll need to buckle down and just eat one to justify breaking the beautiful outer shell -- but it's worth it!

Wanna connect?  You can see the entire line of limited-edition bars made from the purest ingredients as the Amano site.  (Find them on Facebook and Twitter, too!)

Donsuemor Cookies

These aren't your mama's cookies!  Refined and known around the world for their beautiful design and pure flavors, the French desserts are the perfect way to show you have some heart!  Their Valentine's Day Special features small heart-shaped Madeleines dipped in white and chocolate coating.  They are slightly crunchy, a little chewy, and a whole lotta good!  These make a light but tasty treat for your afternoon tea or coffee, and they come wrapped in packages of two, so you can have one serving while the rest stay fresh!  Tucked into a custom gift box, they are a classy gift for the hard-to-shop for sweetie!

Wanna order? See their year-round selection at Donsuemor.com.

Juicy Juice Sparkling Juice

We know it's not wine, but it makes a tasty (and safe) substitute for nursing or pregnant moms -- or anyone who wants to enjoy an alcohol-free romantic evening.  I love this fizzy juice product, designed for kids (but perfect for adults, too.)  Serve it chilled in a wine glass for a healthy alternative for family-style V-Day parties!  Choose from three flavors:  berry, apple, or orange. 

Wanna Save? Find out more about this product, which boasts a serving of fruit in every can at the Juicy Juice site -- and download a $1.00 off coupon!

*We received samples of some items in our gift guide.  Others we purchased ourselves. No additional compensation has been provided in exchange for being featured in our guide.  In other words, "if we don't like it, you won't find it here!"