Celebrate Valentine's With Baby Bath Treats!

Walmart asked me to write about something special that I'm doing with my baby for Valentine's Day.  It's fitting, actually, because the so-called "romantic" holiday quit being solely about couples and alone time many years ago.  It is the first Valentine's I'll have with my new son, Marcus, however, who is turning 8 months old tomorrow.  Since hubby and I will get a dinner together in a week or so, I took the time today to shop for some special gifts for putting together a sweet Valentine's Day "date" for Marcus and I.  Since he loves baths, we centered it around the theme of bath time!

Here is Marcus, enjoying the new goodies we got for Valentine's.  He is having a blast!

They included an assortment of Aveeno Baby Shampoos, Body Washes, and my fave: the Soothing Relief Creamy Wash

I also bought some adorable bath toys just for him and designed for kids younger than one, as well as a neat Spider-Man bath mat to keep his little bottom from slipping in the tub.  (This Sesame Street mat is super cute, too, and comes with a matching faucet cover.) He's  just now sitting up really well, and this helps him to keep his balance and stay seated while playing.

You can fill a neat basket or bath pail with fun bath products for you own baby, and make a personalized bath experience your little one is sure to love.  Other ideas for making bath time more fun for baby include:
  • Sudsing up baby with a bath poof (they love the texture)
  • Letting baby dump water from little cups and pitchers
  • Practicing some infant massage for relaxation before bedtime or during an illness or colic
  • Showing baby how to "splash!"
  • Adding some child-safe bath color products to the water.  Babies love exploring the different hues.
Do you enjoy bath time with your baby?  What would you include in a Valentine's Day bath basket?

*Compensation and product has been provided by Walmart for my time and effort to participate. Opinions are 100% my own.