DIY Valentine's Day Silhouettes

So I'm not exactly crafty, but I wanted to create a Valentine's Day project.  Since I LOVE my kids, and I am not super-creative, I opted for a framed silhouette for each of my kids that I will use to cover the hallway wall going to the kids' bedrooms.  I started by purchasing the following supplies:
  • 5 black frames
  • black matte paper
  • scissors
  • glue
Now it was time to get to work. We had my 4-year-old sit VERY still... (this was the hardest part) and traced his face against a sheet of white printer paper that we taped behind him.  Then we shined my lamp on him in just a way to cast a nice, sharp, life-size, shadow on the paper.  We traced it with a pencil, then placed it against our black matte paper, and then cut it out.  Finally, we glued the black matte "shadow" to a piece of white paper, and placed it into our frame.  It was super-simple, and looks amazing!  (Now we just have to do this again... X 4!)

Not only do we have a special way to say how much we love our kids this Valentine's Day, but these make great Grandma presents.  Can you imagine me looking back in 20 years at our little boys' faces and saying, "Remember when?"

This project cost less than $30 buck to make total.  (It will cost less if you have fewer kids, and more if you buy fancier frames. )


  1. Oh I remember doing this craft in school once! I'm doing a head smack and thinking "why didn't I think of this?" I have 4 kids myself so thank you for the idea and the directions!

  2. I know! I knew we did this in school, too, but didn't remember how easy it was. With a nice frame, it seems more like an expensive gift, but takes almost no planning or supplies. Have fun!

  3. Very cute craft--would make any grandmother happy :)

  4. I've been wanting to make some of these for the longest time! I was planning to use photos shot in profile to avoid trying to get my daughter and stepsons to sit

    But yours came out beautifully!


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