Review of milkmakers Cookies

I'm a busy nursing mom of an 8-month old baby, and I usually end up weaning around this time, due to a lack of milk supply.  Part of it is because I don't eat enough, but I think it is also because I don't eat the right things.  I've heard that some natural foods can actually boost production, so I was excited to hear about milkmakers cookies!

These cookies are baked up fresh and shipped to your door, and they contain three ingredients known to help nursing moms stay energized and producing milk: oats, brewer's yeast, and flax seed!  When the cookies arrived, I couldn't believe how fresh they tasted.  They were no doubt some of the most tasty cookies I have had, and that's no lie.  But would they really help in milk production?  I tried them for 3 weeks to see.

The first thing I noticed about these cookies is that they are really filling.  They are full of oats, so not only do they make a good replacement for junk cookies you may be eating, they help you stay regular (if you know what I mean.)  They also are a great boost for energy, coming in at over 200 calories a cookie.  Since they are so large and full of carbs, you do not want to mindlessly eat these cookies.  Use them to replace a larger snack or as a mini-meal.  Too many would definitely put you over the amount of calories you need to produce milk, and you could actually gain some weight!  It is also important to note that these are not a meal replacement cookie or a diet cookie.  They taste wonderful.. not like a health food fad.  You'll really enjoy them!

That being said, they DID seem to help my production, as soon as 2 days after eating one cookie per day. I previously never had any extra to pump for later, as my son still nurses every 2 hours or so during the day, and almost all night when he's teething. I was able to pump several times during the week after introducing the cookies into my morning snack routine, however, and I really feel that the cookies were what did it, since this was the only change to my diet during the three weeks. I always felt full of milk, not uncomfortably so, and my son never got frustrated with a short supply, as he was starting to before I tried the cookies.

Since I travel quite a bit during the year for business, I always worry that I'll never be able to keep my supply up.  I take my son with me, but sometimes fail to eat good meals, and starve when taking flights.  These cookies would be a lifesaver for packing in my diaper bag to ensure that I'm eating enough and keeping my milk at a place where my son could stay satisfied.  These would also make a super sweet gift for a new mom!

The cookies come in two flavors, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip (the variety I tried) and Oatmeal Raisin Dairy Free -- as well as a variety pack that contains both flavors, plus a few new flavors! You can order a 30-day supply for $44.00 plus shipping, and when you get them, toss in the freezer to keep fresh until you eat them.  (I like mine warmed up in the microwave for 15 seconds so that they are gooey!)

Would I buy these again?  Yes.  I'm actually putting in an order this week.  I'm not a baker, and I was really impressed that I couldn't taste the flax or brewer's yeast (unlike some lactation cookie recipes).  They are simple to incorporate into my busy lifestyle, no baking or shopping required.  Find out more about these tasty treats or read the dozens of testimonials from other happy moms at the milkmakers website!

*Samples of the cookies were received to review. I would have thought they were yummy, anyway, and opinions are 100% mine.