Review of Space Bags

There are 7 of us living in this 3-bedroom home, and the blankets we own could take up their own closet!  We tried several brands of organizational products to help get some order back to my linen closet, and decided to order the original Space Bag to see how they did.  Here are our results:

First of all, these bags were super easy to use.  Just fold up the items you want to put into the bag, unzip the bag (which features a giant slide zipper you find on freezer bags), and slide the items in.  Then slide the zipper shut.  Now you can flip up the cover on the air hole and place your vacuum hose against it. Let the running vacuum  suck all the air out of the bag, and you're done!  Now you can shut the lid to the air hole and store you bag anywhere it will fit.  There is a small rubber covering making up the one-way-valve, so air can be sucked out when the vacuum is on, but air can't go back in while you're waiting to close the cap.

We put over 8 smaller kids blankets into the large size bag, and recovered an entire shelf in our linen closet.  The blankets now just take up 1/3 of the space!  Since the bags come in various sizes, there are different bags to meet your needs.  You can also use these bags to store sleeping bags, camping gear, first aid items in case of a natural disasters, stuffed animals, towels, or toilet paper!

How did they do over time?  To be honest, of the 5 bags we purchased, only one managed to keep the air-tight seal.  The others had gradually allowed air to go back into them, and we're not sure how.  All-in-all, we were a bit disappointed in these bags for the price.  We had better luck with the "Magic Bag" brand bags from the Dollar Store, which worked the same way, but are still holding their air after 2 months.

What has your experience been with the Space Bags? Did they work for you?  Read more about this product at the official Space Bag website.