Veripur Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer Works for Us!

I hate hand sanitizer.  It's drying, smells harsh, and doesn't seem to offer long-lasting protection against germs.  Lotion, on the other hand... I love.

I found it exciting to learn that there was a product on the consumer market that offered the germ-killing benefits of a traditional hand sanitizer, but had the consistency and benefits of a luxurious, pleasant-smelling hand lotion.  It's called Veripur, and I used it all this past week any chance I could get.  I replaced my regular lotion with this, and I really loved the way my hands felt.  I also had no problem kicking my standby, drying sanitizer to the curb.
Veripur kills the germs on your hands, and then forms a moisturizing barrier to keep new germs from hanging around for up to four hours!  There is no alcohol, so even the kids can use this product safely, but it protects against 20 bacteria strains and 4 viruses.  A little bit goes a long way, too.  I barely made a dent in my bottle after using it regularly for days.

The best part is that I put this on my hands, and no one knows that I just used a sanitizer.  No odor... just soft hands that smell great!  You can find this innovative new product in a scented or unscented variety at your local Walgreens or online at or

I wrote this review while participating in a Mom Central Consulting blog tour on behalf of Veripur Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer. I received a Veripur product sample and a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.