Delitefuls Frozen Seafood for a Low-Cal, Delicious Lunch!

I shy away from frozen fish - especially if it's microwaved.  When we got the chance to try the line of Delitefuls Frozen Seafood Entrees available at Walmart, I was a bit nervous.  What if the fish tasted, well, microwaved?

I opened the first package, BBQ Swai, and prepared it as directed:

1.  Carefully open the top along the dotted line (I had to cut mine the first time, because one of the packages was very difficult to tear.)
2.  Make sure the package is facing the right side up (my photo is showing it coming out of the bag -- or upside down.)
3. Microwave it according to the instructions.  (Note: I have a brand-new high-powered microwave.  I had to cook it for the maximum time, however.  No more, though -- as one time I let a meal go 20 seconds too long and it burned slightly.  I had one piece of fish that was a little underdone because I didn't go the max time.)
4.  Let stand for a few minutes in the microwave, then remove.  Cut the end as indicated on the package with a pair of clean kitchen scissors.  Place on plate and enjoy!

What did they taste like?  I'll review each of the five flavors for you:

Swai Caribbean BBQ - The texture of this dish was good.  Firm potatoes with skins on, small bits of pineapple, and a nice, light Swai fish.  The sauce, however, was heavy, very spicy (I needed to wash it down with a little milk), and super saucy.  You can't taste much over the sauce, except for the fish, which had a clean flavor.

Salmon Florentine Alfredo - This was my favorite dish.  The whole-wheat pasta was perfectly textured, and the sauce was light but satisfying.  It had a light lemon flavor that was in no way distracting, and the salmon had a good meaty texture.  There was spinach in the dish, but it tended to clump together, instead of mixing up nicely throughout the dish.  I also enjoyed the sweet green peas in the dish.  It was very filling, and I could see myself making this for many lunches in the future!

Shrimp Bowtie Scampi - I'm a huge shrimp fan, and I love how this dish looks and smells.  Unfortunately, it was a bit too peppery for my taste.  The red and yellow peppers (while I love) made the dish too strong for me.  I did enjoy the texture of the dish, and the sauce was creamy without being too buttery.  Don't cook this dish too long, or the delicateness of the pasta will cause it to clump together!

Tilapia Tango Mango - Yum!  A sweet and sassy mango relish tops a very light and flaky Tilapia fish.  The rice is cooked well in this dish, and it's full of vibrant flavor, while easy on the spice.  I enjoyed the edamame -- it made for a change of pace from typical meals!

Cod Mediterranean Medley - Don't let the photo on the front of the package fool you!  I hesitated to try this because I didn't think I'd like the green olives cooked into the dish, but there aren't that many in there, and they take on the flavor of the pleasant red sauce.  This is essentially a very nice pairing between a scrumptious piece of cod (perhaps the most fresh-tasting of all the entrees I tried) and a classic red sauce.  I enjoyed the whole-wheat pasta very much, and the zucchini and capers brought a sophisticated touch.  I think this would be most enjoyable with a glass of wine!

The meals were all very low in calories (around 200 calories) but rather filling.  They also indicated the points on the back, if you're following Weight Watchers.

You can find the Delitefuls line at your local Walmart for around $5.50.  With two meals per bag, they are just as affordable as other "lean" frozen dishes, but they have a wonderful fresh quality you can't find elsewhere.

*Compensation and product has been provided by Walmart for my time and effort to participate. Opinions are 100% my own.