Equip Your Traveling Baby with Walmart

We're ready to hit the road!
Marcus can't sit still!

Well, not quite yet, but we're getting close.  I'm about to take my first road trip with my 10-month old son since he's started to crawl, cruise, and generally complain about being in the car.  We've flown when he was tiny, but since he's starting getting vocal about how much he hates sitting still, I've begun to really assess how we'll handle the drive from Nebraska to New Orleans for the upcoming Mom 2.0 Summit conference.  I'll have my Mom with me as co-driver, and I may spend some time in the backseat with my little man.  Overall, however, I realize that I just need to be prepared with the right baby gear.

Here is my game plan, and all items can be purchased at Walmart!

I always worry when I can't see my son in his rear-facing carseat.  Call it OCD, but I want to be able to glance back and know that he's not uncomfortable or choking on something that he's stashed in his mouth without me knowing.  Instead of pulling over for frequent "checks", this Sunshine Kids Easy View Back Seat Mirror allows me to glance in my rear view to know he's OK.  I can just imagine how much time I'll save with this product!

Then there is the matter of entertainment.  Not any rattle or toy will do, so I've stocked up on an assortment of items that can be safely tethered to the car seat for safe-keeping.  (Because who wants to stop to pick up toys every 5 miles?) We purchased this cute Kids Preferred Puppy toy because it easily clips onto the car seat with no additional hardware.

Now that my son is drinking from a cup, the right cup can make any trip more tolerable.  I was sure to stock up on our FAVORITE sippy cup, which happens to be sold at Walmart!  The Boon cup was something we covered in a previous Boon Feeding Products review, but I've used it with more than one kid, and I love that it's so easy for little hands to grasp.  (Just be sure you have a great sippy cup cleaning brush, and this thing will last forever!)

He's still going.....
I have so much packing to do before our trip on April 12th.  Do any of you veteran road Mommies have tips for me?  Be sure to check out your local Walmart before you head on your next trip.  It's a lifesaver for the mom and baby on the go!

*Compensation and product has been provided by Walmart for my time and effort to participate. Opinions are 100% my own.