Review of Banquet Fruit Pies

2:04 PM

Love pies.  Hate baking.

If this is your mantra, you might be surprised to find that the line of Banquet individual fruit pies taste an awful lot like homemade.  I tried a few this week, and while I won't be eating an entire one on my own (they are 300+ calories per pie), I really did enjoy eating them.  One half pie with a little Redi-Whip was just what I needed to treat myself after a very stressful day.

My husband likes the Cherry Berry, full of little blueberries and cherry filling.  I am partial to the peach!  You might enjoy the apple.  All flavors start out frozen, and after about 3-4 minutes in the microwave, come out steaming hot and with a golden brown crust -- just like you baked them (but without the wait or the energy use from a running oven.)  At less than a buck a pie in most market, these little one-serving desserts are nice to have on hand.  They are perfect for when not everyone can agree on a pie!

When you buy a Banquet Fruit Pie from your grocer, look for the Child Hunger Ends Here logo on the package.  You can go online to enter a code that will help end child hunger by providing a meal to a child in need!  Read more about this campaign at our Child Hunger Ends Here Blogger Correspondent page, or check out Banquet's website!

*ConAgra Foods provided the Banquet Fruit Pie coupons for this review.

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