Review of Infantino Cloud Shopping Cart Cover

I've had four other children besides this new one, and I've always thought that shopping cart covers were unnecessary and just another thing that parents didn't need to buy.  Then I had the most squirmy, difficult, and active baby of the bunch.  He won't be carried in a store, and he won't sit down in a cart without banging his head back against the cart.  To put it mildly, he's a pill, and out of fear of having him hurt himself, I just never put him in carts.

Then we had a chance to try the Infantino Cloud Cover, which is a fluffy, soft, cover for shopping cart seats and highchairs.  It is super easy to put on any size of cart (even the tiny ones in places like the dollar stores), and it helps to compensate for the broken or dirty "straps" that may come in the cart.  It also provides a cushiony and clean surface for your child to sit, touch, and play.  (If you've witness your child sucking on the handle of the shopping cart -- yuck -- you know how important a clean surface really is.)

I'm no germaphobe, but this cover really put my mind at ease.  My son could have his little "tantrums", but wouldn't hit his head on a hard metal cart surface.  I got lots of compliments on it when I took it into the store, and it's so fluffy, my older son wadded it up and used it as a pillow on our last trip!

The whole cover is washable, and it comes with two little toy clips.  (Toys aren't included; Don't forget to bring along a few toys to keep baby entertained!!)  I've changed my mind about this type of product.  There may be some babies who won't need anything so nice for a shopping trip, but if it helps you get your errands done without worry, it's definitely worth considering.  You can read more about the Cloud Cover at Infantino's website, as well as follow them on Twitter and Facebook!

*I am a participant in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.