Review of LifeShield Security System

We live in a rural area, have a large dog, and always seem to have one person awake at our house (it's our strange work schedules.)  That doesn't mean that we couldn't benefit from the security of having a home alarm system, however, but most are just too expensive for our budget.  When we had a chance to try the LifeShield Security System, I was very curious.  It can be installed by yourself, with no need for a professional home visit!

The LifeShield Essential Kit made it very easy to get started.  Everything you need to start securing your home under 1500 square feet was included:  the console, a cordless phone (with handset and base), 3 door and window sensors, a sign for your yard, 2 window stickers, and a DVD to help get you set up.  I loved the quality of the phone, which was nicer than any cordless we have.

Setup is very simple.  The DVD tells you everything you need, but savvy users can just follow the printed guide.  One thing to note is that if you don't have a landline, you won't get the most out of this product (it uses both wireless internet and your phone line to communicate.)  You can still use it if you just have the wireless internet, however.

The system can only be used in conjuction with a paid monitoring plan from the LifeShield company, currently priced at $29.99 a month.  The system itself is less than $300.  This is still much cheaper than most professional security systems (including how much you save on buying the kit and installing it yourself.)  You don't have to get locked into a long many year plan, either.  Another neat thing about this system is that the handset and monitor can be used as a 2-way conference system (baby monitor!)  The system can be used for non-emergency monitoring, such as notifying you of when a housekeeping or service person enters your home when you're away (all activity is able to be accessed via your online account.)

I think that this product is great for anyone wanting the security that more expensive products provide.  It's easy to install, affordable for the monthly plan (you can cancel at any time), and doesn't require strangers to enter your home to put it together.  I also like that you can add on sensors for a larger home, as well as compatible cameras for video monitoring, and that you can have two ways to communicate in case of an emergency (phone and internet.)  Even if you don't need protection from outside intruders, this would make a great addition to a home with small children that try to go outside without permission or for when you leave your home for the weekend.

Find out more about this neat system at the LifeShield website!

*LifeShield system was received for review. Opinions are my own.