Review of Mega Bloks Domino Build Game

I had purchased a domino set for my kids awhile back, because they had expressed an interest in them after seeing them on TV.  Sadly, they didn't get the concept, grew bored of them, and ended up losing most of them.  I still find them once in awhile under furniture.  When we had a chance to try the new Mega Bloks Domino Build Game for ages 3 and up, I got really excited.  Maybe my kids could handle this?

On a boring indoor day when I was too frazzled to "do homeschool" and my kids were bouncing off the walls, we opened up our new game and read the directions.  It was easy: play dominoes in the typical fashion, and for each tile you lay down, you can add one Mega Blok to your animal build.  The first to build their animal wins!  My 4-year-old got the hang of it right away, and won twice in a row!  It was actually pretty fun, and it was a quick game to play.  We did it three times before I decided to pack it up (we didn't want to lose the appeal, after all.)

Since my kids are building junkies and LOVE their Mega Bloks, this game was right up their alley.  The only downside I can see is that only 4 kids can play, and they are always wanting to take the Mega Blocks for the animal builds out of the box to play with.  I have to keep this game high up on a shelf so that they don't get into it and try to play with it mixed into their regular Mega Bloks.

The game enforces tactical skills, colors, animal recognition, and good sportsmanship.  I recommend it for homeschool, rainy days, or a quick "game night" when you don't have 2 hours for something more involved.

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*Mega Bloks Domino Game received for this review for Team Mom.  Opinions are my own.