Review of The Smiling Box

Remember when "storing" a retainer meant wrapping it up in a napkin until after lunch (only to have to dig it out of the trash can, later?)  Well, that time has come -- and gone.

The people at The Smiling Box have created a more responsible way to keep retainers and mouthpieces clean, safe, and stored the way they should be.  These little boxes are sturdy, open easily (but not too easily), and snap shut for safe keeping.  They also come in a variety of designs that make them appear more like a designer mint box than a place to put your mouth gear.
I loved the styles and patterns of the boxes (my daughter looked longingly at the sample we received, asking if I thought she would ever need a retainer.  No kidding.)  I explained to her that if she played contact sports, I would require that she store her mouth guard in something practical, like The Smiling Box.  She smiled, because she had her eye on the pink metallic damask design.

While I doubt that she will try out for the football team anytime soon, I have four boys that may.  Any of my kids could need a retainer (and they also work well for Invisalign), so these boxes are great to know about.  What design do you have your eye on?

Learn more about The Smiling Box from the official website or catch them on Facebook!

*Samples were received to review.  Opinions are my own.