Review of Zhu Zhu Puppies

My boys still love their Kung Zhu toys (they are continually cluttering up my dining room floor.)  They have a new, sweeter, Zhu option, however, that I wasn't sure if they would like -- Zhu Zhu Puppies.

These little dogs are everything that fans of other "pet" toys will enjoy.  They are cute, come with accessories and outfits, and play in the park and do fashion shows.  I wasn't sure that my sons would care about this, since they are -- well -- not into the fashion thing.  They do love animals, however, so I let them play to see what they thought.

First of all, the outfits are a bit difficult for smaller kids to put on the puppies.  They fit snugly, so they aren't going anywhere once on, but I had to assist many times with the little hats and whatnot.  The play park that we received was called "The Bark De Triumphe" but the boys did what I guessed they would do with it -- they used it as a battle arena for their dogs.  The puppies worked well in the play park, and the boys were able to personalize it with parts from their Kung Zhu sets.  We had a sort of "pretty in the park" meets samurai sword theme going on.

If you don't have little boys around to completely warp the experience, you'll find them doing the things that the puppies were intended for:  My niece loved brushing the puppies, talking to them, having them stroll through the parkway, and taking the outfit on and off.  I only wish that these dogs have more than one outfit per figure -- although you can buy numerous outfits for mix and match adventures.

Overall, these are a cute addition to the Zhu fam!

You can find out more about this line of Zhu toys at the Zhu Zhu Puppies website!

** Sample was received from MomSelect for this review.