Walmart DIY Project: Clear the Entertainment Clutter

The Walmart Moms were assigned to a spring cleaning task this month.  I chose to tackle our entertainment center clutter.  It was bad.  Too many gaming systems, dusty wires, and stacks of DVD's were making my living space embarrassing for guests to see.  Here is what we were dealing with before the makeover.

As you can see, we had a tiny antique table not at all suitable to hold our 37 inch TV.  It was wobbly, and I was afraid that it would come down on top of my kids.  In addition, there were mismatched baskets on top and underneath of an old piano bench as the storage for our movies and games.  Since there was no room for our speaker bar, it got stashed on the floor.  (Not exactly giving us the full experience of surround sound from down there.)  There was NO way to hide anything when guests came.  It was a dusty mess.

Here is our entertainment center AFTER the makeover.  We purchased a simple TV stand from that had doors to hide our entertainment clutter.  It had a nice clean wood look and was fairly easy for my husband to assemble.  It feels sturdy enough to hold my TV without fear of the thing toppling over, and it had nice shelves, as well as venting holes to keep my equipment from overheating.  Someone coming into the home with the doors shut would have no idea of all the stuff we kept crammed in here.

Since the unit came with two nice sliding drawers, we could house our remotes and cords in the top section.  This was especially nice because my kids are now learning to put back the remotes when they are done using them.  (I was having to replace them all too often before.)

We also took our reduction of clutter one step further by removing our collection of 100+ DVD's from their cases and putting them in sleeves that I store in a storage media box.  We have much more room, and I keep the original cases away from the kids in a closet.  It keeps them looking nice for if we give away or trade them in the future.

This makeover was the perfect example of doing something right even with little to no design skill.  It was about having the right tools for the job.  Our total purchases:
  • One TV Stand from (selection will vary)
  • One media storage box from (You can also choose baskets to show off your style!)
Our overall cost for this project was a little over $100.  You can obviously choose from some much more expensive TV centers, but expect to may no more than $6-9 for the storage box.
    Our kids are thrilled, and I have much more patience with my living area now!  What kind of spring cleaning projects have you done this year?

    *Compensation and product has been provided by Walmart for my time and effort to participate. Opinions are 100% my own.