We've Got a Sprout Baby!

I was no stranger to the Sprout line of organic baby foods.  We had tried it for the first time when I ordered a box online during a sale.  We received several pouches of the White Bean and Squash and my son was a bit young for it at the time, but we held it for when he was old enough to really dig solids.  After his first encounter, he was hooked!  I was impressed with the fresh ingredients and the wonderful, but light, flavor of cinnamon that this particular meal had.  When my local Walmart started carrying it, I was really excited!

We were lucky enough to get asked by Sprout (as part of the Walmart Moms program) to try some flavors from their line, including the new meals for older babies.  I admit that I have been feeding my now 10-month old son some pretty chunky stuff.  He isn't a huge fan of the purees, as he likes to pick  the food up with his fingers.

We started him out with some of the Beginner foods (like the Roasted Bananas and Roasted Pears.)  They were delish, but since he isn't a huge fan of being fed, I mixed it with some cereal and made it a bit more chunky.  It's perfect for small babies, however.

Here he is eating his FAVORITE food from the Sprout Advanced line:  Butternut Squash Macaroni and Cheese:

As you can see, the food is pretty chunky.  The actual mac is cut up into small pieces, so my son can chew it up pretty well -- even without teeth!  The portion sizes are very generous, as well.

After I gave him a bite from the spoon, he went wild!  He insisted that I put it on his tray for self-feeding.  It was a delight for him to eat.  (Note: My husband pointed out that he's not smiling in this pictures.  He's just in a zone.  Eating for him is all business.)

These foods are so fresh, so yummy, that I wish I had Chef Tyler Florence making adult versions of these meals.  Who can resist the names of the meals?  Roasted Turkey with Herbed Vegetables, Minestrone with Beans and Greens, and Beef and Vegetable Lasagna!

Simple, quality ingredients, lovely flavors, and responsible packaging make these awesome to have on hand.  They are much easier to stash in a diaper bag (no clumsy glass bottles and they reseal for later!)

You can find out about the entire line at the official Sprout website or find them instore at your local Walmart.  I'm so pleased to have so many varieties to feed my son.  What dish do you think your baby would like most?

*Compensation and product has been provided by Walmart for my time and effort to participate. Opinions are 100% my own.