Easy, Last-Minute DIY Easter Activities

What? It's Easter, when?

If you've just now realized that the big day is coming up fast, you'll need some ideas for easy crafts and treats you can whip up in a jiffy with items you can get at your local store for less than $10.  Here are two quick projects we did at our house today, and the talent required is minimal!

Easter Candy Necklaces

This no-brainer comes as a kit from Wilton.  Each box has the materials for 8 candy necklaces the kids can string themselves.  This was a fun way to pass the time today, as I rushed around getting other things ready for the big weekend.  Considering that candy necklaces cost about 50 cents each, this was a great bargain at less than $2 a box.

Spring Sugar Cookies

No time to mix up a batch of cookie dough and let it chill for several hours?  Grab a roll or two of the Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough and cut into servings before placing on a try and baking them up.  We decorated with a tube of Wilton dual color frosting (tips are included) and topped with fancy Wilton pastel candy beads.  As you can see, I'm no cake diva, but they tasted delicious.  (If you work the dough just right, you can cut them into shapes.)

No skills and no time.  This pretty much describes all of my holiday craft and baking undertaking.  Thank goodness I can grab a few simple supplies from Walmart to help me along.

What quick DIY ideas do you like to throw together before the Easter holiday?