PetArmor for Big and Small Pets!

Our Rat Terrier "Gilbert" during his first week at home
UPDATE: Several commenters have alerted me to rumors of a recall of these products.  Please see the official response from Pet Armor on this topic here: 

To date, we have not had any problems using these products on all of our pets.

Living on a farm, there are all kinds of critters that can make my puppies uncomfortable. Our two dogs both hate to be bothered by bugs, even though they are separated by 100 pounds!  (We have a Rat Terrier and a Great Pyrenees/Bloodhound mix.)  While fleas can be a nuisance for both active puppies and the humans that they live with, they can also be dangerous. Fleas and ticks can carry diseases and seriously hurt your dog over time. Many families who find it difficult to afford products that prevent flea and tick problems may have a solution with PetArmor™ and PetArmor™ Plus at Walmart and Sam's Club for a fraction of the cost of similar products. Here is a snippet of information regarding these revolutionary new products:
PetArmor™ (distributed by FidoPharm™) is the first generic fipronil flea and tick product available nationwide for purchase on retail shelves. The product contains the same concentration of the #1 vet-recommended active ingredient (fipronil) as Frontline® – but is offered at a significant savings. PetArmor will be available at Walmart and Sam’s Club, and will be sold at additional retailers later this year, giving pet owners convenient access to effective flea and tick protection at affordable prices.
As part of the launch this product, we were able to speak with Dr. Karen Halligan, a well-known veterinarian, TV personality, and author. She educated us on the ins and outs of PetArmor™, how it worked, and why it would be safe for me to use with my pets - even with small children in the home. Knowing that the superior product fit well within my tight budget makes me feel good about taking care of my pets. Veterinarian visits aren't cheap, after all, and this one aspect of preventative care is now an affordable way to keep my veterinarian bills manageable for the life of my pet.

Priced at between $25 and $35 for a three-month supply of the product, PetArmor™ and PetArmor™ Plus contain the same active ingredient as Frontline products. We will be reporting back throughout the next few weeks to let you know how the product has worked for our pets. Stay tuned!

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