Purex Complete Crystals Softener for a Fresh Load of Laundry


I didn't know what to think of these little crystals that act in place of your regular liquid fabric softener.  I had been using either liquid, dryer sheets, or both over the years, and grew accustomed to some of the problems that came with them, specifically the way my towels sometimes repelled water instead of absorbing it.  Some also caused my clothes to appear oil-stained, probably because most fabric softeners are actually oil-based.  I was curious to see if this would happen with the Purex Complete Crystals Softener.

While it will take many weeks of use to see if the crystals combat the oil and absorbency issues, there were some things I could tell right away.  First, the smell was amazing.  I really liked all three varieties, but my favorite was the Tropical Splash (in the yellow container.)  I could really smell the product when I took the clothes from the washer, but it was very mild upon taking them out of the dryer.  While not as strong as other products, the smell felt infused into the clothing, and it didn't wear off.  I took clothes out of the drawer 7 days later that still smelled fresh and citrusy!

The use of this product is unique in that you pour the product into the cap, and then directly into the wash.  If you have an HE machine, like me, you might want to put it into the wash before the clothes, or risk having the little crystals fall out of the machine.  It's easy to remember to put in, and once it's in and the load is started, you're done!  (I lost the lid almost immediately after getting the product sample, so I “borrowed” a lid from another bottle to get me by.  You can kind of eyeball how much you use after awhile, however.)

This product is 92% natural and the first major brand to be 100% safe to use on kids sleepwear, which can actually lose their flame-retardant qualities after being washed with softeners.  This softener also keeps your athletic clothing's wicking abilities intact – meaning no more sports socks or jerseys that don't dry like they are supposed to.

Overall, I love the long-lasting scent of the product, and it really does make my clothes soft.  I would possibly need a little more anti-static protection during the dry winter months, but for most months out of the year, this would easily replace my regular softener sheets!   

Learn more at Purex's website or check their Facebook for promotions and savings opportunities.

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