Review of RoomMates

I'm insanely jealous of all my friends who have successful design blogs.  I drool over their makeovers, and wish I had any talent at all in the home decor department.  Thankfully, I was able to make over a tiny section of my home because of a creative and easy-to-use product from RoomMates.

Here is the wall above my piano before:

It had a cluttered feel with my large photo frame, and the lamp on the top of the piano.  There was also so much white space between the grouping of photos and the ceiling.  It felt unbalanced.

Here is the same space after I quickly applied a design from the RoomMates line:

I switched out the lamp to a floor lamp next to the piano, and placed my actual piano books in a small tray between two framed photos.  It feels much cleaner, and it took me about 15 minutes to do this. (It is also less than $15 for the decal.)

I recommend using a ruler to make sure that your design is straight (I didn't, but it would be easier to use one.)  Also, I stuck and restuck the the decals until I got just the right look.  They didn't get "less" sticky as I did this, however, unlike other brands that I have tried.  I didn't use the entire grouping of decals that came in one set.  There were a few other small designs to go with it, but I didn't want it to feel too busy in the small space.

I've gotten compliments on this use of design from a few relatives, mainly because this is something I'm not likely to do.  It was so easy, however, that I wouldn't hesitate to try it again.  The beautiful thing about RoomMates is that you can take them down when you get bored, want to paint, or just feel like doing something new!

They also have a wide selection of designs, including licensed TV show and character decals for kids.  They include Big Time Rush, Cars, Star Wars, Tron Tangled, Fancy Nancy, Spongebob, and so many more.

These decals are of high-quality, and don't rip easily like some we've tried.  They aren't permanent, but you could leave them on for a long time.  They are perfect for dorms or apartment living (since most owners won't let you make permanent changes to the decor.)  We've lived in several houses over the years, and wish we had something like this to help us make our temporary "house" more of a "home."

Wanna Win?  RoomMates has a daily giveaway to win your choice of decal!  Check it out! 

See the entire RoomMates line at their website!

*Samples were received for review.  Opinions are 100% mine.