Review of Vitafusion Calcium Gummies for Adults

I take my vitamins every day.  But I don't swallow pills.  How do I do it?  It's as easy as taking candy!

The new line of Vitafusion Calcium Gummies for Adults are delicious.  Not chalky or bitter-tasting like other calcium chewables, they come in fruit and cream flavors swirled together for a chewy and fun way to start the day.  I have been taking them every day for a month now, and I actually look forward to taking them.

You'll love that they are made with natural colors and flavors, and they're wheat/gluten/soy/dairy free. They're also made with pectin, instead of gelatin, which means they're vegetarian friendly.  The orange, cherry, and strawberry cream flavoring tastes like real fruit, and there is 500 mg of easily-digestable calcium in every serving (as well as vitamin D for absorption.)

The only thing I wish was that there were more gummies in a bottle.  The gummies are rather large, and you are supposed to take two daily.  If you're looking to buy for more than one adult in the home, buy at least two bottles.

Just one of the many "gummies" available for adults, the Calcium Gummies are featured online at the Vitafusion website.  (You can also check out their kids supplements, Lil' Critters!) 

*Sample was received for review.  Opinions are my own.