Spring 2011 Cookbook Guide - Top Books for Food You'll Love

We review quite a few cookbooks each year, but not all of them make our site. We recently just did a careful selection of a handful of "not to miss" books, and had to share them with you! There is a cooking style for everyone in this "Best of" guide:

Are you going for better health with your meals?  You can indulge in some delicious eats, without loading up on fat and sodium.  The Best of Clean Eating features 200+ top picks from the magazine, with something for every food craving.  From the book:

 According to calorie-counter.net a Philadelphia Cheese Steak sandwich contains 900 calories. Save the calories and keep the flavor with the “Smothered Steak Sandwich” with only 330 calories in The Best of Clean Eating.   We favor fresh, seasonal produce, high-quality proteins and smart flavor boosters, designed to come together in a tasty dish in less time than it takes to order a pizza. 
Sounds awesome, right?  We adore how most of the recipes can cook up in 20 minutes or less, and contain just a handful of local, seasonal ingredients.  With this cookbook, you'll know at a glance what you're eating, and you'll feel great about your food choices.  There are many kid-friendly options in this book, too, including:  Turkey Black Bean Soft Tacos, Whole Wheat Pancakes, and Spinach and Chicken Sausage Pizza.

So I'm a little bit biased, because I've met Erin Chase, the author of our next book, in person, and she's a fabulous person.  She's also a blogger turned author, so I cheer for her recent success.  Her cookbook, The $5 Dinner Mom Breakfast and Lunch Cookbook, isn't just a best of her blog posts, however, it's an entire strategy for eating great with a small grocery budget. 

With a focus on family-dining, the book is chock-full of lunch and breakfast options, as well as snacks to keep the little ones satisfied.  Many of the recipes are homemade versions of favorite products you can buy in the store -- with an emphasis on keeping it below $5!  My faves? Overnight Honey Nut Granola and Lasagna Roll Ups.  Everything is tasty, relatively easy to prepare, and budget-friendly. (Perfect for Moms and Dads with an eye on their food bills.)

This next cookbooks is actually a single issue magazine from Hearst, so if you see it on a store shelf -- snag it!  It's amazing!  Featuring some of the most delicious and unique slow cooker and stew recipes I've tried, it's a comfort food extravaganza.  It's available for a limited time, however, so hurry!  105 recipes for casseroles, soups, and stews make it great for entertaining, too.

What recipe books or cookbook collections are you using this spring? Share your favorites in the comments!  (Do you have a cookbook that you'd like us to try?  Contact us for a review.)