Can't you take a hint?

Every year it's the same.  My family will ask me,"What do you want for Mother's Day, mom?"  While I almost never ask for anything specifically, there are some things that I wish they knew I wanted. Some of them, I feel silly asking for, and so I'll probably resort to dropping hints in conversation to let them know what I really want. It might go something like this:

"I haven't had a good night's sleep in forever. Maybe a quality feather pillow could help me feel more rested. I'm certain that it may help stop this pain in my neck that I wake up with every morning."

Or this:

"This stupid door never locks! It sure would be nice to get a new knob. Maybe one with a key that I can tie around my neck?"

Or this:

"Yuck! Why is my toothbrush always touching other people's? I know they've probably invented something to keep mine separate and that will also sanitize it at the same time."

So it's not the flowers, candy, or roses that the commercials will have you believe moms really want this holiday. Most of us will settle for some sanity, a little organization, and a clean toothbrush.  (Also, I'm especially fond of cupcakes.  So, family, if you're reading this... I'm not ashamed to come out and say. "Make me cupcakes!")

If you could truly have your one wish this Mother's Day, what would you hint at?