Final Child Hunger Ends Here Plea

It has been an amazing experience being a blogger correspondent for the Child Hunger Ends Here program.  These few short months have granted me the chance to learn more about child hunger in America and what my local community is doing to help stop it.  Perhaps my favorite part was getting the chance to tour my local food pantry and teach my kids something in the process.

If you don't have anything to give, I understand. Times are tough for most everyone I know.  If you could consider one way to give that doesn't ask any additional money of you, however, it would be appreciated.  Simply make sure that the ConAgra items you are buying anyway are specially-marked with a code to enter online at  By entering that code, you are helping to feed additional kids!  And it costs you nothing extra to do so, except a few minutes of your time.

Thanks so much for your support.  If you missed out on the other ways to contribute, or want to know more about the program (which continues on, even after my correspondent participation ends), you can see my previous Child Hunger Ends Here posts.

Wanna help now? See the stories of those who benefit from your generosity in the fight against child hunger at Every time you share a story on your Facebook page through August 31, 2011, ConAgra Foods will help Feeding America secure an additional meal, up to 100,000. 

*I am a compensated blogger correspondent for ConAgra's Child Hunger Ends Here campaign.  Opinions and experiences shared here are my own.