Need a Chore Chart?

Having the right tools can help you achieve those goals you work hard for in life, and chore charts are something we use regularly in our home to help the kids (and myself) get stuff done.  I don't believe in paying for chore charts, as I usually make them myself with a computer and my printer.  I hadn't found a good way to personalize a professional chore chart so that it works for each individual child -- until now.

Creating a chore chart at was not only simple, it was inspiring.  It got me thinking about how I assign chores and follow through to make sure that my kids get them done in a timely manner.  The site walks you through every step of creating a chart, and gives you some extra help in implementing it (including email reminders to make sure you stay on track!)

The chore charts are just one feature of the free site, and you can begin right away by setting up a profile in less than a minute.  I love free tools that help me manage my busy family, so I see myself going back to this site again and again in the future.

Do you use chore charts and motivational tools with your kids?  What do you use them for (hygiene, picking up the house, schoolwork?)  We'd love to hear about it!

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