Our 2011 Mother's Day Gift Guide

I am a mom. And while I love getting gifts for special occasions, I want to make sure that people aren't spending money for things that I can't use or appreciate. We looked at quite a few neat gifts and products available on the market just-in-time for Mother's Day 2011. Here are the best of the best to help you decide what to get that special lady in your life this year.

Mother Tucker Nursing Compression Tank

I've pretty much given up getting rid of that last 5 pounds from the new baby (at least until he's done nursing). I want to look good, but I want to enjoy life, as well. That's where this nifty compression tank comes in handy. It flattens the belly, gets rid of that muffin top look, and is super comfy. What's even better is that it allows you to nurse your baby easily without any snaps, buckles, or nonsense. Since it is so slimming, you want to step into this piece, instead of pulling it up over your head. Once on, however, you'll feel confident, and know that baby's next meal is just a layer of clothing away. The gift a mom should buy herself, the Mother Tucker nursing compression tank from BellyBandit is available in 2 colors - I tried out the black and LOVED it!

See it in action at the BellyBandit site!

Red Toolbox Tools and Kits
You could buy Mom a gift, but something built by your own hands means so much more.  The entire line of Red Toolbox tools and project kits are real working tools for kids ages 8+, and they allow parents and kids to work together to build Mom something fabulous!  I was so impressed by the quality of these tools -- no flimsy, plastic parts, here!  An older sibling or Dad can work alongside your child to put together one of dozens of kits, all categorized by skill level.  A beginning carpenter can try the birdhouse.  Someone more experienced can put together a lovely jewelry box.
The best part of the Red Toolbox line is that it encourages working together for a common cause -- something special for Mom!  Perfect for projects all year round, an amazing option for homeschool extra curricular, or just a fun way for kids and parents to learn the basics of using a hammer, saw, drill, and more, this gift is just as much for the kids as it is for Mom, herself.  The most impressive part of the line was the small, kid-friendly power drill.  Yes, it really works (and has a better LED light on the end than my own.)  I also think that I'll be borrowing the small hammer, as well!

Find out more about my favorite line of products for ambitious kids who want to do BIG things at Red Toolbox's site.

MilkMakers Cookies
Yep!  We're still buying them (and loving them.) Yummy, fresh-to-your-door cookies with all the goodness of the healthy flax, oatmeal, and brewer's yeast that helps milk production, with none of the aftertaste that making them yourself can bring.  I'm slowly switching over from having the chocolate chip be my fave to craving the oatmeal raising ALL THE TIME.  My son loves the extra milk that I'm convinced they bring about.  Get 30% off your first month's subscription price at the MilkMakers website (or see our detailed review of the Milkmakers cookies.)

Pyrex Cookware

Efficient cooking is key at my house.  That's why I rely heavily on the highest quality products to make for even cooking and even easier clean up.  I've been using Pyrex baking dishes for years, and they have only gotten better as time has gone on.  Whether I'm throwing together a homemade mac and cheese for the oven, of whipping up some chicken enchiladas, these dishes are sturdy and make me confident in my abilities.  If you're looking at picking up a few Pyrex items for your own Mother, why not get some additional tips to help make your meals shine?  Sandra Lee has teamed up with Pyrex to create the "mother" of all guides for cooking with glass, complete with safety tips and recipes!  You can even view a video to show you how to cook with care.   

Get all the good stuff at the 4 Simple Rules website!

Stress Ease Comfort Reader Pillow

The United Feather & Down Company really knows the meaning of the word "comfort."  Their Stress Ease Comfort Reader Pillow from nationally-known sleep authority Dr. James B. Maas is an amazing example of how you can use a pillow to properly align your body and feel snuggled up in pillow love.  This particular pillow doesn't just prop you up for all your favorite reading, TV watching, or lounging activities.  It also contains a clever pocket for placing the included hot/cold pack right where you need it.  I could imagine that my pregnancies would have been much more tolerable had I had one of these pillows then.  It supports the lumbar region better than any pillow I have tried, and I'm fighting my husband for it all the time (maybe we'll also include it in the Father's Day gift guide!) 

Another clever feature of this pillow is that it fits into your European Square size pillow sham.  It will definitely match that bedroom decor!  Find out more about the pillow, or purchase one yourself, at The Great Indoors.  Read more about Dr. Maas' new book at www.sleepforsuccess.info

Wanna Win?  What gift guide would be complete without a giveaway?  We have one of the Stress Ease Comfort Reader Pillows and a copy of Dr. Maas' latest book "Sleep for Success! Everything You Must Know about Sleep But are too Tired to Ask" to give to one reader!  To be entered to win, just tell us which product from the gift guide you think is most interesting.  We'll give you until April 11th at 11:59 pm CST to get your entries in. You can enter one time total per day (for each entry after the first entry, simply comment with "Today's entry!".) Giveaway is open to U.S. 18+ only, and be sure to give us a way to contact you if you win! (Don't forget to enter our other blog giveaways while you're here!)

*We received samples of some items in our gift guide.  Others we purchased ourselves. No additional compensation has been provided in exchange for being featured in our guide.  In other words, "if we don't like it, you won't find it here!"